Strawberries with Agave Nectar

Strawberries with agave nectar

I don’t know about you, but my whole family is trying to turn on the healthy eating lifestyle.  Of course we’ll never be perfect, but we’re trying to make some healthier choices for ourselves. Yay us!

A couple of nights ago after I made some soup for dinner, I opened up the refrigerator and saw the beautiful strawberries that I purchased earlier that day. They were big, bright red and looked oh so juicy.

Hubs loves strawberries but I knew he’d need just a little extra something on them.  Agave nectar!  We’ve been using this in our tea and in many other things which need just a little bit of sweetening.

He loved it!  He loved a 2 ingredient dessert!  Life is good.

I’m not even doing a printable for this recipe. I’m pretty sure you can just remember the ingredients for this one.  :)

Cut up strawberries Agave Nectar

Just drizzle the agave nectar over your strawberries and enjoy. You only need a tiny bit.  This is also good with breakfast and any other time you need a treat.



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